Games of 2018

I got a Super NES Classic so that's why I beat a handful of SNES games this year! Finally played the much talked about Undertale and really enjoyed it! It's the closest to a game I'd like to make: simple graphics, great music, plenty of comedy with some drama, short, and every item counts. Speaking of making games, I finally made the highly derivative and slightly playable StackBlox. It was mostly to learn, but I got little glimmers of what it might be like to make something deeper. Working ever so slowly toward doing much more!

Finally, Earthbound. Second playthrough and I loved it more than ever. I remember during my first playthrough being annoyed at how slow walking was and how many battles there were. I guess I'm more patient or slowing down because it felt just fine now. It's so damn charming and the graphics and music are timeless. Through the Super NES Classic I finally have my own copy in English. I could see myself years from now, old as hell, playing this game (for the last time?) and having a blast.

Games beaten in 2018

  • Owlboy - Feb 16
  • Undertale - Jun 5
  • Star Fox - Jun 17
  • Super Mario World (★96) - Jul 10
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Jul 23
  • Shadow of the Colossus - Aug 4
  • Earthbound - Nov ??

Games obtained in 2018

  • Undertale - Feb 18
  • Dead Cells - Sep 20
  • Tiny Bubbles - Dec 16